We have created this online energy calculator to illustrate the relationship between common energy unit kWh and cost in pounds (£). Note the volatility in the fossil fuel market has not been seen in the biomass fuel market despite wood from forests rising by 30% during summer 2020.

Instructions: Change fuel costs below according to your local current prices and watch the chart change accordingly

Fuel TypeCost in £Price per unit of …Cost per supplied kWhkg CO2e per supplied kWh
LPG, Bulklitre0.214
LPG, Bottleskg0.214
Mains Natural Gas1 kWh0.184
Heating Oillitre0.268
Wood Logs0.015
Wood Briquettestonne0.015
Wood Pellets, Bulktonne0.015
Wood Pellets, Baggedpallet0.015
Electricity1 kWh0.233
Economy Electric1 kWh0.233
Heat Pump← COP0.233

Disclaimer: the current sample prices were the best available local rates we could find August 2022. Prices change daily; please update fields to reflect current prices in your area.

CO2e data source: 2020 UK Government report on carbon emissions from fuel